The following is a partial list of the services Georgina Asset Management, LLC provides:

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  1. Education

    Perhaps the most important pursuit for us at Georgina Asset Management, LLC (GAM) is to get to know our clients well. In addition to collecting detailed financial information that includes an inventory of financial assets, cash flow and tax status, at Georgina we also want to learn as much as possible about the factors that shape specific objectives. We strongly encourage an open give-and-take environment when discussing the global economic and capital market landscape and the historical risk/return characteristics of traditional and alternative investments with clients. It is through this joint participation process that we develop the insights necessary to develop a plan that best matches a client’s financial goals and their emotional tolerance for risk.

  2. Investment Planning

    The culmination of an effective client-consultant collaboration is a blueprint to construct a personalized investment plan. Our goal at Georgina is to build a tailored strategic asset allocation that seeks to optimize return within the framework of each client’s unique risk profile. We conduct a rigorous quantitative analysis of all holdings including tax basis (when applicable), the financial structure of each entity that houses assets and terms of the investment. We utilize multi-class, multi-period, risk/return based portfolio optimization models to create a range of investment plan scenarios so clients can observe the potential implications of their investment decisions before making them.

  3. Investment Policy Development

    We work closely with clients to help them establish realistic expectations and investment objectives that accurately reflect their tolerance for risk, time horizon, projected liquidity and income requirements and long-term asset value goals. The Investment Policy document forms the foundation of the overall investment plan and serves as the guideline which governs the ongoing management of the portfolio.

  4. Money Manager Due Diligence, Evaluation and Selection

    Our investment manager research process involves sourcing, due diligence, analysis and selection. Through independent and proprietary database management, we have access to detailed quantitative and qualitative data on over 20,000 traditional and alternative investment services and asset allocation strategies. Georgina’s manager research process includes gathering information directly through manager interviews, verification from independent third parties and manager/site visits. Evaluating and selecting a manager entails not only careful quantitative analysis of absolute and relative performance histories, risk reward characteristics and regression statistics but also requires qualitative judgment of manager integrity, qualifications, commitment as well as accessing products for “investor friendly” terms.

  5. Investment Plan Management

    Neglecting to actively rebalance an investment plan’s strategic asset allocation, sub-asset class weighting or individual managers are common missteps consultants often make. At Georgina Asset Management, we monitor the performance and risk characteristics of the each segment of the portfolio including concentration and quality limits and liquid vs. illiquid portfolio ratios. For taxable accounts, we actively harvest losses when and where appropriate to optimize the after-tax return on the overall portfolio.

  6. Manager Monitoring & Performance Measurement Reporting

    Manager due diligence isn't confined to the selection stage. Due diligence is an ongoing process. Georgina not only remains in frequent contact with each manager that has received an allocation but is vigilant in continuously gathering and analyzing current data to determine whether or not each manager remains an attractive investment. Independent third parties such as custodians, manager database services, accounting and performance auditors and product administrators are also contacted regularly.