About Us

Georgina Asset Management, LLC (GAM) is an independent investment research and asset management consulting firm that provides unbiased investment advice and supervisory services to institutions and high net worth families. Georgina consultants have been working closely with wealthy individuals, family offices, partnerships, trusts, foundations and public and private companies for over 25 years.

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Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is grounded in the belief that a disciplined investment process can systematically exploit opportunistic pricing patterns caused by investor psychology. It is human nature to overvalue or undervalue an asset based on its perceived associated risk (fear) or potential reward (greed). These emotions often lead to short term mispricing that can be capitalized on at each level of portfolio management including rebalancing a strategic asset allocation, tactical adjustments to sub-asset class and style weights and investing with managers that adhere to strict buy and sell disciplines.

The following is a partial list of the services Georgina
Asset Management, LLC provides:

  • Education
  • Personalized Investment Planning
  • Investment Policy Development
  • Money Manager Due Diligence, Evaluation and Selection
  • Investment Plan Management
  • Manager Monitoring and Performance
    Measurement Reporting

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